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Thank you for visiting CCG Creative Studios! Our passion is in the creation of artistic photography and in the collection, presentation, and distribution of this art. We offer our creative spirit and talents and look forward to serving your artistic needs.

Who We Are and What We Do...

We are Chris and Cathy Gardner (the origin of "CCG") and we have been actively involved in photography services for many years. For most of this time, we were among the amateur ranks and gladly shared our God-given gifts with friends and family for events of all kinds.

Over the past several years, we began branching out and, in January of 2005, we officially began operating as a business. Cathy has been involved in Scrapbooking and photo archival services for a few years. She was a consultant with Creative Memories for a while and learned a great deal about the storage and preservation of your priceless photographic memories.

Chris has been a photographer for over 30 years, but took up the more serious work of professional portrait and artistic photography over the past few. He has remained active in the volunteer/amateur world, as well, never forgetting his roots.

Please feel free to browse our galleries to see his work.


Chris and Cathy are also licensed Pastors and Chris was ordained in 2013. We are very blessed to officiate weddings as well as photograph them (very rarely at the same time :)...

Please visit our church/ministry website at Joyful Life Church.